GB543 12 various golf balls


GB543 12 various golf balls


GB543   (No display cases) inc:PP+INS:

1. A conventional "Fives ball" circa 1935. Excellent condition.
2. "Goblin" Square mesh. Excellent condition. cira 1933.
3. "The Traveller" Dimple ball circa 1911. Part of the casing is missing hence poor condition.
4. Centre stitched five's type ball(Possibly French) Circa 192o's.
5. "Tee Mee" sq mesh, very good condition. Circa 1930.
6. Yellow sq mesh ball stamped made in England. Circa 1920.
7. "Spalding" diamond shaped mesh patterned ball.Circa 1934.
8. "Westminster England". Square mesh patterned ball. Excellent condition Circa 1925.
9. "Spalding" Green dot dimple ball. Circa 1930's
10. Square mesh ball stamped "England"Circa 1930's.
11.Reproduction Gutta Percha ball made with the original "Home Press" mould.
12. The "Wayrite" sq mesh ball circa 1930's.                                                 

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