When contemplating a purchase we must first of all consider three things.a. Rarity. b. Condition. c. Provenance.The value is dependant upon the above and can vary as much as ten times in just the condition alone.No two antiques say of golf clubs can be exactly the same, so there is no direct comparison as far as value is concerned.My prices therefore are based on similar items being sold at auction and in the general market place.

However my price's include:

a.The cost of Post Packing and full insurance.

b. No further commissions.


For collectors who wish to become more serious in learning about what is going on in the collecting world the societies listed below are excellent. They both produce quarterly magazines filled with really interesting reading on all subjects concerning golf history.

                                  Important Golf Collecting Societies:

United Kingdom.

British Golf Collectors Society.

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Golf Collectors Society.

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Unusual Advertising Collectables Picture. This picture was taken in 1988 with advertising displays taken from my own collection. It consist's of : One Bromford Man, Two Penfold Men, Five Dunlop Caddy Boy figures, Three Scottie Dogs, Two Silverking figures, One Redfern metal advertising sign and One Cardboard stand alone advertising piece. I believe quite a unique picture.